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Saving lives around Scarborough's seas since 1801

Games, Puzzles and Quizzes with a Scarborough RNLI Theme.


Interactive wordsearch puzzles which will change on a regular basis.

  1. Wordsearch of nautical knot terms.
  2. Wordsearch of general lifeboat terms.


These on screen jigsaws are suitable for all ages. Each puzzle can have from 6 to 500 pieces and are very intuitive to use. Ideal for that wet morning on holiday or just as time fillers. Can be completed individually or cooperatively with rest of family. Perfect fun educational resource for this time of lockdown. Jigsaws available will be updated from time to time. The number of pieces therefore difficulty of each jigsaw can be changed once the jigsaw has been uploaded can be easily changed.

  1. Inshore Lifeboat Jigsaw
  2. Stormy Stan Jigsaw
  3. Shanon 13-15 Jigsaw

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Puzzles and Quizzes

These puzzles is ideal for tablets and PC in landscape format

  1. 9 piece picture puzzle of the Inshore Lifeboat
  2. Crossword for all the family
These puzzles can be printed - digital versions are available above.

These puzzles are in PDF format and can be downloaded for printing or just display them on your screen

  1. RNLI wordsearch
  2. RNLI spot the difference
  3. Puzzles