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‘This station project heralds an exciting era in Scarborough RNLI's rich and long lifesaving history. ’ Andrew Ashton, RNLI Divisional Operations Manager

Filey lifeboat volunteer passes away

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Scarborough RNLI crew and other personnel send their heartfelt sympathy and condolences to the family, colleagues and friends of Filey lifeboat crew member Lee Cowling, who died yesterday.

Posted Sunday 07 June 2020 08:45 am by

Nocturnal search for ILB crew

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Fears for the welfare of a missing person prompted the launch of Scarborough RNLI's inshore lifeboat last night.
The coastguard asked the charity's volunteers to join a nocturnal search.
The rescue vessel searched an extensive area between Holbeck and Scalby Mills but couldn't find the missing person.
The lifeboat, with a crew of three, launched at about 11pm and was stood down at about 3am.

Posted Monday 01 June 2020 06:03 pm by

ILB launched after wanted man ran into sea

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Scarborough RNLI's inshore lifeboat launched today.

A man wanted by the police ran into the sea.

The lifeboat crew spoke to the man who eventually climbed into the lifeboat.

He was taken beach to the beach and led away by police officers.

Posted Sunday 31 May 2020 08:08 pm by

Scarborough RNLI called to assist rescue of sinking fishing boat

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A dozen Scarborough RNLI crew didn't get much sleep last night.

The coastguard despatched the all-weather Shannon lifeboat to a trawler which had capsized 95 miles north-east.

The fishing boat began listing to one side at about 8pm last night. It quickly overturned, giving the three crew no time to radio for help.

On a calm sea, the fishermen clambered onto the upturned hull but it was sinking fast. As it sank, it automatically released a life-raft and an emergency locator beacon. The crew hauled themselves into the life-raft and fired red flares into the night sky.

The coastguard issued a May Day to all vessels in the area, asking them to search for the boat and crew. One of the boats which joined the search found the crew and took them aboard.

The coastguard helicopter from Humberside airport arrived on scene and winched a paramedic down to check the crew, who were found to be uninjured.

The rescued crew were transferred to another fishing boat to take them to Whitby, whose all-weather lifeboat was on its way. The fishermen were transferred to the lifeboat.

Scarborough lifeboat, motoring at full steam ahead, was stood down before it reached the scene. The Shannon, with a crew of six, was back on the beach by 2.30am, to be greeted by six shore crew. It was recovered, washed down and rehoused within an hour. The crew were back in their beds by about 3.30am.

The coastguard said in a statement this morning: "The correct equipment can save your life. You might think we go on about it a bit, but we do it for good reason. And we think there are probably at least three people this morning who are thinking the same thing.

"This rescue goes to show that having the correct equipment really can save your life. The EPIRB (emergency position-indicating radio beacon) activation showed us exactly where the fishing vessel in trouble was.

"The crew also had flares, setting them off to further help the rescue response. You never know what will happen at sea. Even the most experienced people can be caught out by it. Be prepared. Have the right kit and know what to do".

Scarborough RNLI lifeboat operations manager Andy Volans said: "Despite the strange current situation, the core RNLI service is still able to respond when called. Respect the Water".

Posted Sunday 31 May 2020 03:49 pm by

Lifeguards return to south bay Scarborough

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RNLI lifeguards will return to Scarborough's south bay tomorrow (Sat 30 May).

A spokesperson for the charity said: "​​​We've been working hard to put on a lifeguard service as quickly as possible in the middle of the pandemic, with all the new challenges that involves.

"The phased roll-out of lifeguards on beaches began last weekend when they returned to their patrols at St Ouen beach in Jersey. This weekend, there will be lifeguard patrols on a further 16 beaches in England and we will be rolling out to a total of 70 beaches over the next few weeks".

Besides Scarborough's south bay, the other beaches are Bournemouth East, Broadstairs (Viking Bay), Camber Central, Constantine, Crosby, Croyde, Fistral, Gwithian, Longsands, Mawgan Porth, New Brighton, Perranporth, Polzeath, Sea Palling and Widemouth.

"Once the 70 beaches are rolled out, and there is no further spike in coronavirus or the reintroduction of restrictions, we are planning to put lifeguards on many more beaches over the summer season", the spokesperson added.

NB please note: south bay only, not the north bay

Posted Friday 29 May 2020 05:43 pm by

From the coastline to the frontline

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Video and article from national website

Being an RNLI volunteer requires dedication, courage and sacrifice. But some RNLI volunteers have had to sacrifice more than usual. It's no surprise that many RNLI volunteers are also hospital workers, paramedics and other key workers. The current situation means many of them are unable to volunteer for the RNLI. Having to isolate themselves from both their family and their fellow volunteers at the RNLI, so they can keep their friends and loved ones safe.

In this video, we spotlight volunteers from Scarborough, who have left the coastline to save lives at the frontline of the pandemic.

Posted Friday 29 May 2020 06:21 pm by

ILB crew involved in three hour search for missing person.

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Image and words Dave barry

Scarborough RNLI's inshore lifeboat spent over three hours in a multi-agency search for a missing person on Wednesday.

Tasked by the coastguard, the rescue vessel conducted a shoreline search between Scalby Mills and Cloughton Wyke, covering the same area twice.

One of the three crew members spotted the missing person and alerted the other agencies taking part in the search, who included the coastguards and the police. A helicopter was involved.

The lifeboat launched at about 5.20pm and was rehoused and ready for service by about 8.30pm.

Posted Thursday 28 May 2020 06:34 am by

Shannon called out to rescue fishing boat and one man crew

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Scarborough RNLI was called out by the coastguard this afternoon when a small fishing coble got into difficulties half a mile out to sea.
The all-weather Shannon lifeboat launched at 3.10pm and was quickly on scene.
With a strong westerly wind blowing, the fishing boat, with one man aboard, was in danger of being blown further out to sea.
It was towed back to the safety of the harbour, to be met by the coastguard on the north wharf.
The lifeboat used a stern tow until it was near the harbour mouth, when it switched to an alongside tow.

Posted Saturday 23 May 2020 05:56 pm by

Callout to Cayton Bay

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This afternoon there was a callout to a vessel in possible distress in Cayton Bay. Scarborough's ILB launched but it proved to be a false alarm with good intent.

Posted Thursday 21 May 2020 06:29 pm by

New beach safety advice for lockdown

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The RNLI and the coastguard are launching a new beach safety campaign today (21 May), urging parents to protect their families by following key safety advice to save lives this summer.

Following the recent easing of nationwide lockdown restrictions in England and with children still off school, many more people are expected to visit the coast to exercise and take part in water-based activities.

Last year, RNLI lifeguards aided over 29,000 people on UK beaches in more than 17,000 incidents, saving 154 lives.

They helped to reunite nearly 1,800 lost children and teenagers with their families and aided 346 people in incidents involving inflatables.

Despite the ongoing challenges posed by coronavirus and social distancing, the RNLI still hopes to provide a lifeguard service on around 30% of the beaches the charity usually covers in time for the traditional peak summer season.

But at present, there are no RNLI lifeguards on beaches. While lifeboat crews and the coastguard are still on call ready to respond to emergencies, the message is clear: the charity needs the public to be aware of dangers, take responsibility for themselves and their loved ones and remember that, in an emergency, call 999 and ask for the coastguard.

The RNLI's head of water safety, Gareth Morrison, said: "If our lifeguards were present on the beaches today, they would be preventing many incidents before they even occurred by directing people to safe swimming areas, highlighting dangers such as rip currents and advising people not to use inflatables. These preventive measures are not in place meaning people could find themselves in danger if they are not reading the signs and following the relevant safety advice.

"Our lifeguards are trained to swim 200m within three and a half minutes, and although our volunteer lifeboat crews are fully operational, should they be needed, they won't be able to reach you in the same time. It is important that anyone visiting the coast understands that the beach can be a dangerous environment and you must take more responsibility for you and your family this summer. No one ever goes to the coast to be rescued yet RNLI lifeguards rescue thousands each year".

Following key safety advice will keep people safe and also help to reduce the demands placed on lifeboat crews, the coastguard and other emergency services.

Last week's tragedy in Holland, resulting in the deaths of five experienced surfers, has highlighted again the perils of the sea, even for those who know what they are doing.

That's why parents are now being urged to take charge and be 'beach smart' if they visit the coast, to ensure they and their families have the safest summer possible, whether lifeguards are patrolling their beach or not.

Posted Thursday 21 May 2020 05:01 pm by