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‘This station project heralds an exciting era in Scarborough RNLI's rich and long lifesaving history. ’ Andrew Ashton, RNLI Divisional Operations Manager

11 new volunteer crew

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Following a recruitment drive in early 2021, eleven Scarborough locals have answered the call and signed up as volunteer crew at the lifeboat station.

The new crew come from many walks of life from teachers, surfing instructors, electricians, dementia advisors, civil servants, train drivers, signal operators, and fishing boat skippers, but they all have one thing in common; they all want to help to save lives at sea.

Although they have joined during a difficult time with Covid-19 lockdowns and are missing many of the social elements of being part of the crew, each of them has integrated easily into station life and are progressing through training.

They will join an existing crew of over 30 boat and shore crew lead by station coxswain, Lee Marton.

'Everyone here at the station welcomes all 11 onboard!', said Lee, 'It's great to see so much enthusiasm for the charity here in Scarborough. They've all bought a lot of new energy with them which is just what the station needs as lockdowns begin to ease and we start to return to a more normal routine. We look forward to getting to know them all in time and we thank them for becoming RNLI volunteers'.

The new crew are:

Aaron Yeoman
Amy Pywell
Caitlin Flash
Deborah Senior
Harrison Sheader
Jonathan Hayes
Lucy Collins
Max Thompson
Nick Gough
Paul Dixon
Rich Davis

Speaking of her recent experiences on the crew, Lucy Collins said, 'I moved back to Scarborough and joined the crew in December 2020, I've wanted to be on the crew from about 16! The idea of being there for people in an emergency and being able to make an active difference was always something that drew me in.

'The crew already feels like a family, everyone is there for you to help you progress and it's brilliant to be a part of. I feel honoured to be able to make a difference with the RNLI and I'm looking forward to doing everything I can to have a positive impact on saving lives at sea!'

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Volunteer crew member nominated for award

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A Scarborough lifeboat crew member has been nominated for an award for going "that extra mile".

Mark Jenkinson will visit the Spa next Tuesday to be presented with a commendation by borough mayor Hazel Lynskey.

Cllr Lynskey explains: "Last year, during the first lockdown, I asked residents to support my initiative in recognising the amazing, selfless work of so many during the extraordinary times we were experiencing to give personal recognition to individuals, households, groups or organisations who had gone that extra mile."

Mark, an emergency-care assistant with Yorkshire Ambulance Service, has been a volunteer on the all-weather Shannon lifeboat for four years.

Last year, the tables were dramatically turned on him when he caught coronavirus and suddenly found himself on the receiving end of the NHS.

His symptoms included a high temperature, a persistent cough, lethargy, the loss of his sense of taste and smell, and he felt as if he couldn't get enough air in his lungs.

He was treated at Scarborough Hospital's A&E department and was out of action, in quarantine, until 3 June, when he returned to work and resumed his lifeboat duties, on call.

As a result, Mark's plasma developed the antibodies which fight the virus and he was asked by the NHS blood centre to donate some.

He said: "I went to Leeds to donate convalescent plasma in the hope of helping others suffering from Covid-19."

Mark added that he didn't know who had nominated him for the award, except that it was one of his Facebook friends.

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Two more callouts on busy Tuesday

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Image by Lucy Collins

Two nocturnal shouts took Scarborough RNLI's tally to four in a day yesterday.

The inshore lifeboat, with a crew of three each time, launched at about 10pm and 11pm.

The boat returned to the station at about 10.45pm and 11.30pm respectively and made ready for service. The photo was taken by crew member Lucy Collins.

During the day, both lifeboats were launched to separate incidents.

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Two rescues on 11th May

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Photo by Erik Woolcott

Scarborough RNLI has had two shouts today - so far.

The inshore lifeboat launched at about 10.30am when a yacht ran aground in the harbour mouth at low tide.

A potting boat rescued the one person aboard and the lifeboat's crew of three secured the yacht by attaching it to the pier and setting an anchor.

The yacht wasn't blocking the harbour entrance and refloated when the tide flooded.

The all-weather Shannon lifeboat launched at about 12.40pm to assist in a search for a missing person between Scalby Ness and Cloughton Wyke, just north of Scarborough.

The lifeboat, with a crew of six volunteers, spent about an hour and a half scouring the shoreline, along with two teams of coastguards and their helicopter.

The missing person was eventually found.

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ALB volunteers assist rescue of injured fisherman

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Scarborough lifeboat teamed up with the coastguard helicopter to rescue an injured crew member on a fishing vessel today.
By the time the all-weather lifeboat reached the scene, three miles out to sea, a paramedic was being winched from the helicopter down to the fishing boat.
At one point, it looked as if the crew member would be transferred to the lifeboat to be taken ashore. But the paramedic determined that the crew member could be taken ashore aboard the fishing boat.
It was the second of two shouts involving fishing boats by the lifeboat today. The first one involved an engine fire.

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ALB volunteers tow boat after fire

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Images by Eric Woolcott

Scarborough RNLI was called out this morning when a fishing boat's engine caught fire nine miles offshore.
The crew of the fishing vessel had extinguished the fire before the all-weather Shannon lifeboat arrived.
The lifeboat launched at about 7.30am and had towed the boat back to the harbour by 9.40am.

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Training together resumes

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Normal service is being gradually resumed at Scarborough lifeboat station.
Last night, for the first time in months, RNLI volunteers met face to face inside the station for one of their weekly training exercises.
Over the past year, Scarborough RNLI has enlisted 11 new recruits who are being put through their paces. Last night's topic was knot-tying. The station's medical advisor, Dr Asif Firfirey, assessed volunteers' physical fitness.
Training sessions will alternate from week to week, one week ashore, one week at sea. Next Tuesday, both lifeboats will launch on exercise at about 5pm and 6.30pm. The boats will be disinfected in between runs. In addition, inshore lifeboat exercises take place every other Sunday morning.
The Shannon lifeboat which has been moored in the harbour for a few weeks and used for exercises has now left.

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Our shop is now reopen

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Scarborough RNLI's shop has reopened, after a long closure forced by the Covid pandemic.
Two volunteers, Angela Bamford (left) and Hazel Kynaston are pictured in the shop, which is part of the lifeboathouse.
Among the many items for sale are greetings cards, teddies, wellies, T-shirts and tops, toys, tea, pickle, marmalade, lifeboat mugs, jigsaws, buckets and spades, bags and tide-timetable books. Christmas cards are selling at half-price.
The opening hours are 10am-4pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday; and 10am-1pm Wednesday.

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Friends raise money for local charities

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A couple of friends are beating the lockdown blues by raising hundreds of pounds for local charities including Scarborough RNLI.

Hannah Blackshire and Michelle Ahmed run raffles on their Facebook page, Games for a Charity.

They buy prizes and raffle them online, donating the difference between what they spend and what they make to a different charity each week.

Michelle raised £1,425 for the lifeboat last year; she and Hannah have just donated a further £.

Hannah says: "I am a member of so many raffle groups on Facebook, as I'm sure a lot of you are, and I love playing so thought let's give a little something back. The RNI has helped both our families.

"We are now on week 3, day 5, and nearly at £! I can't believe how well it is going".

Michelle is a full-time mum and Hannah works for the NHS. She is part of the clinical-support team at the hospital and is on the nurse bank. "We have four children each".

Anyone who would like to nominate a charity or local cause should contact Hannah and Michelle via their Facebook page.

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Station flag flown at half mast in memory of Sally Bullamore

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The flag at Scarborough lifeboat station will fly at half mast next Tuesday for the funeral of Sally Bullamore.

Sally was the last surviving descendant of Jack Sheader, the lifeboat coxswain who died while saving lives in 1954.

Jack was one of three crew who perished when the ECJR lifeboat overturned in the south bay in a storm on 8 December 1954.

In terrible conditions, with enormous waves and a howling gale, the lifeboat had been at sea all afternoon, escorting fishing boats back to the harbour. With its rescue work complete, the ECJR was engulfed by waves and capsized close to the harbour mouth.

Every year since then, the anniversary of the tragedy has been marked by a commemorative service at St Mary's Church remembering those three in particular but also other lifeboat crew who have died at sea.

Sally is pictured with Rachel Jenkinson and Pam Jennings at the 2014 service. Her funeral will be at St Mary's at 2pm on 9 February. The cortege will pass the lifeboathouse en route to the church.

* Scarborough lifeboat station is committed to remembering those who have been a part of the lifeboat family and will always fly the flag at half mast as a sign of respect after someone's passing. However the Scarborough lifeboat family is spread far and wide so please always let the station know on 01723 360520.

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