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‘This station project heralds an exciting era in Scarborough RNLI's rich and long lifesaving history. ’ Andrew Ashton, RNLI Divisional Operations Manager

First exercise launch of 2020

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Photo by Kay Jackson

Scarborough RNLI's Shannon lifeboat launched on exercise last night.

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2019 video summary of our work

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Happy New Year and advice on keeping safe in the sea

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Two launches on Christmas Eve

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Images by Erik Woocott

Scarborough RNLI's inshore lifeboat had two shouts this afternoon.
The emergency vessel, with a crew of three, launched at 3.30pm to rescue a motorboat which had run out of fuel in Cayton Bay. Fortunately the occupants - two adults and three children - were equipped with radio and lifejackets. The lifeboat towed the motorboat into the harbour (see images by Erik Woolcott).
Two of the crew were back in the lifeboat for a 5.35pm launch with two further crew. They were responding to reports of a person in the sea, about 50m offshore in the south bay. The casualty required first aid and was handed over to ambulance crew on the beach. The coastguards, other RNLI crew, police and paramedics were also involved.

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London relief shift

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Two members of Scarborough RNLI crew are doing a 12-hour relief shift in London from 7.30 this morning until 7.30 tonight. Rob Gaunt and Kev Roberts are half the crew aboard the E-class lifeboat at Chiswick RNLI station, which has a full-time crew covering a 17-mile stretch of the Thames.

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Perfect Storm - winter 2019 appeal

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'More people than ever need our help, at Christmas and every other day of the year,' says Steve King, Helm at Tower Lifeboat Station on the River Thames. 'People are still drowning so we need to invest more in training crews, upgrading equipment and improving lifeboats. But we're a charity, and our income has gone down.'

Whether they save lives at sea or on rivers and lakes, crew members like Steve are facing a Perfect Storm. While the demand on our services has grown, our income has gone down due to the economic climate and a drop in money received from supporters' Wills. Volunteers around the UK and Ireland are waiting for updated equipment and facilities. Your Christmas donation today will help provide everything they need ' you could help save the next life.

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65th Anniversary memorial service

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There was a good turnout for Scarborough RNLI's annual memorial service at St Mary's Church last night.

It was attended by the borough mayor, Cllr Hazel Lynskey, who was joined by her consort and son Mike Lynskey and granddaughter Ruby Lynskey. They were greeted by Colin Woodhead, who chairs Scarborough RNLI.

Lifeboat operations manager Andy Volans gave the first reading.

The service, conducted by Rev Richard Walker and featuring Filey Fishermen's Choir, marks the 65th anniversary of one of the worst disasters in the lifeboat's history.

Three crew died when the ECJR lifeboat overturned in the south bay in a terrible storm on 8 December 1954.

In atrocious conditions, with enormous waves and a howling gale, the lifeboat had been at sea all afternoon, escorting fishing boats back to the harbour.

With its rescue work complete, the ECJR was engulfed by waves and capsized close to the harbour mouth.

The deaths of coxswain Jack Sheader, second coxswain John Cammish and signalman Francis Bayes devastated their families and numbed the town with shock and grief.

Every year since then, the anniversary of the tragedy has been commemorated by a church service remembering those three in particular but also other lifeboat crew who have perished at sea. They include Frank Dalton, who died in a horrific accident in tumultuous seas on 9 December 1951.

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12 days of Christmas Scarborough RNLI style

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Video by John Wallis

Visit our video page to see our unique take on the favourite festive song.

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For every bag of coffee sold, Nick Hartley of Baytown Coffee in Whitby is donating £1 to Scarborough RNLI. He is also giving the crew a bag of coffee a month. The lifeboat team are also grateful to Stephen Hallam of Dickinson Morris of Melton Mowbray, who supplied pork pies fed to the team on their recent cross-country run from Scarborough to Blackpool.

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Scarborough lifeboat volunteers take part in Children in Need fundraising

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Scarborough RNLI had a starring role in the regional part of Children in Need last night.

A BBC film crew filmed Pudsey the bear on the Shannon lifeboat and crew joined the BBC crew at Woodend for a live broadcast (photo by Jim Rice).

The film of Pudsey on the lifeboat can be seen on and downloaded from Scarborough RNLI's Facebook page

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