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‘This station project heralds an exciting era in Scarborough RNLI's rich and long lifesaving history. ’ Andrew Ashton, RNLI Divisional Operations Manager

Over £2,200 has been raised for the RNLI

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Over £2,200 has been raised for the RNLI in memory of a retired seafarer who loved his life at sea.

Keith Wrightson died in a tragic road accident while walking home after attending a football game in Scarborough on 4 January.

Keith was in the merchant navy throughout his working life and retired as a captain a few years ago.

"He always supported anything to do with the RNLI," says Keith's wife Gill. "We used to buy our Christmas cards at the Scarborough RNLI shop. The charity was close to his heart".

A collection at the funeral raised £670 and a generous lifeboat supporter made a donation of £210 for an unworn pair of Keith's boots. These two sums were donated to Scarborough RNLI. A JustGiving page raised £1,322.17 for the national RNLI.

Gill and her family said they were deeply grateful to everyone who had contributed.

Andy Volans, Scarborough RNLI's lifeboat operations manager, said: "This is a wonderful donation supporting something that Keith held dear to his heart. The station sends our thanks and best wishes to Keith's family in this sad and troubled time. We hope we can thank Mrs Wrightson in person when normal times return".

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Two longstanding volunteers pass away

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Scarborough lifeboat station's flag is at half-mast, after two long-serving volunteers passed away.
Lesley Hopkins and Cassi Pelucci (pictured) joined the team in 2001 when the shop in the old station was relaunched, recalls manager Mike Turner.
Lesley's funeral was at Woodlands crematorium on Thursday, at 10.30am.
Cassi's funeral will be at St Mary's Church on 26 March, at 12.30pm.
Scarborough RNLI sends sympathy and condolences to all Lesley and Cassi's family and friends.

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Corona virus cancellations

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As a result of the corona virus outbreak, Scarborough lifeboat station, including the shop, is now accessible only to crew on duty and those responding to their pagers.

We thank all our supporters and volunteers who have always been welcome to visit the station and trust you understand that this decision has been taken to enable us to keep our crew healthy and able to continue saving lives at sea.

Several fundraising events in aid of Scarborough RNLI have been cancelled. They include Scarborough Ladies Lifeboat Guild's coffee morning at Park Manor Hotel on 24 March, an 80s dance at the Royal Hotel on 28 March and a model-boat show at the lifeboat station on 18 April.

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Joint exercise

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Scarborough and Whitby lifeboats teamed up for a joint exercise halfway between the two towns on Sunday morning. It involved the principals of towing. The all-weather lifeboats took turns setting up astern tows so their crews could practise this important procedure.

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Tesco donation of £25,000

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Photo by Kay Jackson

Tesco has donated £25,000 to Scarborough RNLI.
Each time a customer shopped at a Tesco store during the chain's centenary year in 2019, they were offered a token at the checkout. They used the token to vote for one of the charities profiled in store foyers.
Token programme manager Amanda Scrimgeour, Tesco Scarborough team manager Christopher Windsor and staff from Tesco stores in Hull and Driffield visited the lifeboat station to present a cheque. Mr Windsor took his children, Nathan and Jessica.
They are pictured with RNLI personnel Will Watts, Michael Cowper, Mark Jenkinson, Eve Lee, Lee Marton, Phil Chittenden, Colin Woodhead, Andy Volans and Dave Grieves.

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Both lifeboats launch for training exercise

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Scarborough RNLI launched both its lifeboats on exercise last night. The all-weather Shannon and the inshore lifeboat are pictured post-recovery by crew member Erik Woolcott.

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Scarborough is recruiting

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Have you time to commit to your local lifeboat station and give something back to the community?
Scarborough RNLI is recruiting crew for the inshore lifeboat, or ILB, and shore crew.
The ILB is the work-horse of the RNLI, with 25 knots of speed and capable of going to sea for up to three hours at maximum speed.
It is used to search the shoreline, work with search-and-rescue helicopters and recover casualties from awkward locations. This vessel is especially good in the shore break. The ILB carries four crew including a helm. All are trained to a high standard in first aid and can administer certain drugs and oxygen.
The land-based roles of shore crew and tractor driver are an integral part of the operational side of the station.
They make sure that the inshore and all-weather lifeboats are launched and recovered safely and swiftly, using the Tool Track for the ILB and the Shannon launch-and-recovery system (SLARS), an articulated tracked vehicle, for the ALB.
The computerised SLARS raises and lowers parts of the carriage during the launch and recovery processes. A UK driving licence is needed.
So if you are under 65 (shore crew) or 55 (ILB), have spare time on your hands, live and work locally and feel up to a challenge, please write a short CV and drop it off at the lifeboat station or email it to

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Storm Dennis Fails To Dampen Lifeboat Fundraisers

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(Photo by John Margetts)

Considering the inclement weather, Scarborough RNLI was delighted to have raised at least £975* at Love Your Lifeboat, at the lifeboathouse yesterday.

The proceeds are still being totted up so the final tally should exceed a grand.

"We had people come from afar just to see our station which shows the hard work behind the scenes really paid off", said one of the organisers, Tabz Nixon.

A constant stream of visitors were shown around the station including both lifeboats and children posed for photos with RNLI mascot Stormy Stan.

* This figure will be updated

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ILB gets strip down

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At Scarborough RNLI, crew members get involved with the bi-annual inshore lifeboat strip-down and deep cleaning. The process takes several hours but we have condensed it to a few minutes to show another side of what goes on when Tuesday evening training comes around. Please let us know if there are other areas of training or station life you would like to find out more about.
Remember it's Love Your Lifeboat Day tomorrow (Saturday) from 10am to 4pm. Come and have a VIP tour of the station and lifeboats for a small donation.

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Ladies Guild success

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Scarborough Ladies Lifeboat Guild has been looking back on another successful year.

In 2019, the RNLI fundraisers organised a fashion show at the Crown Hotel, an afternoon tea at the Palm Court, a table-top sale at the lifeboathouse and a Christmas fayre at the Park Manor.

In addition, members collected £900 worth of 5p, 2p and 1p coins. Other ways of raising money included donation boxes at hotels, shops, etc, funeral collections, donations by the public and RNLI personnel and the ubiquitous raffles and tombolas.

All together, it came to £6,533, taking the total raised since the guild's inception in 1927 to about £174,500.

At the guild's next meeting, at the Red Lea Hotel on 18 February, the speaker will be Dawn Bell from Shipton's jewellers. The next fundraiser is a coffee morning with coxswain Lee Marton and other crew members at the Park Manor Hotel on 24 March, from 10.30am until noon.

The photo shows the guild's six committee members celebrating their achievement outside the lifeboathouse. L-R: chairman Gladys Freeman, press officer Pauline Brown, secretary /treasurer Lynne Garforth, speaker secretary Judith Hargreaves, box secretary Minnie Raper and events secretary Liz Ashworth.

At the guild AGM in January, thanks were given to members for their hard work and to Scarborough businesses, hotels and shops, who never fail to lend their support willingly.

The guild has a luncheon on the third Tuesday of the month from October to April at the Red Lea Hotel. "We have a raffle and, most months, a speaker", says Lynne.

New members are welcome; ring Gladys on 366630 or Lynne on 373788.

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